ANDY ALBAO CORPORATION - CocoWonder Brand is Philippine Leading Innovator, Processor and Exporter of Certified Organic Products, Natural & Functional Food. CocoWonder Products are Artisan, Specialty Food and High Valued with Superior Quality because they are produced from freshly harvested Coconut & Cacao raw materials that immediately & delicately process through KITCHEN METHOD to maintain the products real taste, vitamins and minerals.

- Main Products -

Virgin Coconut Oil * Coconut Nectar Sugar * Coconut Nectar Syrup * Coconut Flour * Coconut Milk Powder * Coconut Milk Cream * Coconut Water * Coconut Water Cider Vinegar * Coconut Nectar Drinks * Coconut Butter * Coconut Wrap * Coconut Chips Crispy * Coconut Buko Chips * Coconut Tortillas * Coconut Nacho Chips * Coconut Aminos Liquid * Coconut Nectar Cider Vinegar * Coconut Balsamic Black Vinegar *  Raw Cacao Nibs * Coconut Nectar Cacao Nibs * Raw Cacao Powder * Raw Cacao Liquor or Paste * and many more.... CLICK HERE   

- Not All Certified Organic Products are Created Equal -

The world market was poured with Conventional and Certified Organic Food Products with Low Cost, but many of them has Inferior Quality and Adulterated which is unsafe to consumers because it causes health hazards instead of providing health benefits. Food Products are certainly goes into our body that’s why we should carefully check its quality when buying or purchasing. 

ANDY ALBAO CORPORATION maintains its WORLD CLASS SUPERIOR QUALITY PRODUCTS which surpasses to the quality of other processors. About 90% of our produced products are exported all over the world. 

With abundant source and supply of Coconut & Cacao Raw Materials here in Philippines and with our own production facilities that can easily expand, these enable us to meet the demand of our customers local and abroad.  

Reasons why CocoWonder Brand Virgin Coconut Oil has Superior Quality, the Finest, the Purest and the Safest to Use- CLICK HERE 


  - We are the BEST in QUALITY -   

ANDY ALBAO CORPORATION - CocoWonder Brand is awarded of “BEST PRODUCT AWARD" during ASIAN FOOD CONFERENCE 2015 for its Coconut Liquid Aminos for being "Healthy Alternative", while Extra Virgin Coconut Oil for being "Best Taste".