Mr. Andy Albao was born on January 1969 in Leyte Province, Philippines. He grow up from a poor family where his parents were tenant farmers of small coconut and rice farm. He strive, and entered into many kinds of jobs available to support himself and to assist his family and was able to finished his schools. Become hard worker was his asset to survive in his younger age.   




Andy worked as a Sales & Technical Engineer for Mechanical Rotating Equipments. Afterwards, he established his own company called ALTUS INDUSTRIES, INC. which specialized in designing and manufacturing of precision mechanical seals for all types of rotating equipment. ALTUS is servicing Food & Beverages Processors & Manufacturers, Pharmaceuticals, Sugar Centrals, Coconut Oil Miller & Refiners, Water Districts, Electric Power Generations, Chemicals & Industrial Plants, Fuel Oil Refineries, Minings.  ALTUS is still running and now already on its 21st year. 




In early 2008, Andy experienced health problems and he realized the importance of ones health. From that time on, he become health conscious and was informed about the amazing health benefits of coconuts.

In 2010, Andy decided to venture into producing high value coconut food products via the company ANDY ALBAO CORPORATION. They started to produce small lots of coconut sugar under their brand, CocoWonder. However, coconut sugar was difficult to sell on that time and they had to stop to manage their inventory. Andy studied and analysed how to improve the business of coconut sugar. He thought of other products which possibly use coconut sugar. He came up with idea of producing Coconut Jam with Coconut Sugar, Coconut Jam added with Cacao (Coconut Chocolate Spread), Coconut Cacao Powder (Instant Chocolate Powder) and SALABAT or Ginger Juice with Coconut Sugar (Coconut Ginger Tea Powder Drinks). After 6 months, Mr. Albao also produced Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) in different process.


ANDY ALBAO CORPORATION has not stopped innovating and developing different kinds and varieties of alternative and functional food products from coconut and cacao. All of these are for all customers’ health, well-being and satisfaction. CocoWonder Products are "ENJOYABLE TO EAT WITHOUT THE GUILT". The company is also focusing in producing High Quality, and High Purity Coconut and Cacao Food Products where consumers will able to "EXPERIENCE THE REAL TASTE OF REAL FOODS" 



" To provide 100% Natural and Functional Coconut & Cacao Food Products for Local and International Distribution and for Worldwide Consumers’ health benefits, enjoyment and satisfaction. To be in partnership with the farmers and assist them in Sustainable and Organic Farming where they able to sell their crops at higher prices. To provide job opportunities to local Workers and provide our employees career growth so that they can have decent income which enables them to send their children to school. To help the Philippine Agriculture Sector, and to export our products abroad to generate US dollars which helps the Philippine Economy ".


ANDY ALBAO CORPORATION is in partnership with farmer groups and local workers in the countryside where their coconut & cacao raw materials are sourced. Their farms are located in selected areas in the provinces such as Quezon, Bicol region, Masbate, Davao, and Cotabato among others.


The company implements sustainability-oriented system in organic farming, quality assurance and farm productivity improvements. They also have their own fair trade system with their farmer groups. The company provides them with a percentage from sales, organic fertilizers, coconut and cacao seedlings, and incentives, both in cash and in kind, to encourage them to plant more coconut and cacao. In this way, our farmers are strongly motivated to continue with organic farming practices.


ANDY ALBAO CORPORATION is happy to provide livelihood and better income to their coconut farmers, job opportunities to local workers in the provinces, and continuous growth of their employees. In this way, all the stakeholders of ANDY ALBAO CORPORATION (farmers, local workers, employees, and management) are fully dedicated and committed to the quality of their products and services. The company implements and supervises Total Quality Management (TQM) and gives proper training to local workers in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). ANDY ALBAO CORPORATION is happy and proud to provide the best quality coconut and cacao food products for the benefit and satisfaction of their customers worldwide.