Mr. Andy Albao was born on January 18, 1969 in Leyte Province, Philippines and his parents is a Tenant Farmer of small farm for coconut and rice. At 7 Years Old his Mother was died and he separated with his father where he lived with his Grand Parents. Mr. Andy Albao has colorful but exciting Job Experiences where at age of 13 Years Old he start to raised of himself. At a young age he needs to find a Job and experienced different kind of jobs such as; Helper in Coconut & Rice Plantation, Coconut Copra Processing, Peddling Local Bread & Vegetable, as helper in Cooking & Selling Local Delicacies, Fish Vendor, Driving Pedicabs, surgeon of fighting cock and many more. He able to support his studies from Secondary School to College where he studying  he also working as Janitor and sometimes  Security Guard. "THE ABOVE EXPERIENCES BECOME A GOOD FOUNDATION OF HIMSELF", which developed him for being Hard Worker, Flexible, Patience & Confidence!    

After College, he able to become stable employee as Sales & Technical Engineer for Rotating Equipments and its parts.  As TOP SALES PERFORMER he able to earned good income and then established his own company. He is the founder of ALTUS INDUSTRIES, INC. that engaged in Mechanical Business where Mr. Albao specialized in Designing and Manufacturing of Precision Mechanical Seal for all types of ROTATING EQUIPMENT'S including Installation and Repair Services  targeting Manufacturing Companies such as Oil & Gas Refining Plant, all Types of Power Plants, Pharmaceutical & Chemical Industries, Food & Drinks Processors, Coconut Oil Millers & Refineries, Sugar Central  and among others. ALTUS  INDUSTRIES INC. is still running until now for its 21st years in business this 2018.

On early of Year 2008, Mr. Andy Albao detected Health Problems on his Kidney and eventually undergo Kidney Transplant. After after 2 years he undergo Heart Angioplasty and also detected with early stage of diabetes. After then, he became worried to his health and for his family. From that time he become health conscious and was informed about Coconut Health Benefits. He then found interests to produce Coconut & Cacao Healthy Food Products in very Innovative kind of products and first time in the world market that only find in Philippines under ANDY ALBAO CORPORATION with CocoWonder Brand. Most of their Innovative Products was started to copied by competitor local and abroad, but they can't match the QUALITY & TASTE of CocoWonder Products.  We always one step ahead from our competitor, because while the competitor are copying, CocoWonder are enhancing their product through continuous improvement program.

CocoWonder will continuously provide new innovative products for customers and consumers health benefits and enjoyment of our product without guilt.     



On 2010, he then established and become founder of ANDY ALBAO CORPORATION - CocoWonder Brand  that focusing to produce different "High Valued and Functional Coconut & Cacao Food Products". ANDY ALBAO-CocoWonder  produces Coconut & Cacao Products from freshly harvested raw materials then process delicately through NATURAL KITCHEN & ARTISAN METHOD to preserves the Authentic Delicious Natural Taste, Vitamins and Minerals.  


" To provide 100% Natural and Functional Food Coconut & Cacao Food Products for Local and International Distribution and for Worldwide Consumers health benefits and satisfaction. To be in partnership with the farmers and assist them in Sustainable and Organic Farming where they able to sell their crops at higher price. To provide job opportunities to local Workers and provide our employees career growth so that they can have decent income that enable them to send their children to school.  To help Philippine Agriculture Industry, and through export of our products, we able to generate US dollar which can help the Philippine Economy ".  

AAC are in partnership with groups of farmers and local workers in the countryside where our Coconut & Cacao raw materials are sourced out from them where we do not import abroad any of our raw materials. Our farms are located in selected areas in the provinces such as Quezon Province, Bicol Region, Masbate, Davao Province, Cotabato Province and among others. We chooses areas that solely Coconut & Cacao Farm that away from commercial farming of banana, mango, rice which applying Chemical Fertilizer & Pesticide. We choose those isolated and mountainous farms where Coconut & Cacao are Inherently Organically Grown. Raw Materials are directly transported to our facility and we only harvest the raw materials to process into our products once the customer has Purchase Orders and this enable to provide freshly produce products on its best quality.    

Our company implements sustainability-oriented methods in organic farming, quality assurance and farm productivity improvement. We also implement our own fair trade to our partners of group of farmers where we provide them some percentage from our sales as incentives, provide organic fertilizer, provide coconut and cacao seedlings and monetary incentives to encourage them to plant more Coconut and Cacao and to continue with organic farming practices.

ANDY ALBAO CORPORATION has been able to provide livelihood and better income to coconut farmers, provide job opportunities to local workers in the provinces and provide employees growth, whereby all of us from farmers, local workers, the employees and the management of ANDY ALBAO CORPORATION are very concerned about the quality of the products. We implement and supervise Total Quality Management (TQM) and provide proper training to local workers in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). We at Cocowonder, along with our member of local workers and small farmers, are dedicated to provide the best quality and healthful coconut and cacao food products for the benefit and satisfaction of our customers worldwide.