The Good & The Bad Quality Virgin Coconut Oil

ANDY ALBAO CocoWonder was AWARDED & WELL RECOGNIZED Local & Abroad for being Processor of High Quality Virgin Coconut Oil. Our company applies continues Product Development by developing Proper Machine and enhancing our Process Flow, where we SHORTEN THE PRODUCTION FROM HARVEST OF RAW MATERIALS TO PROCESSING in order to provide Fresh & Delicious Coco-Nutty Taste & Sweet Aroma Virgin Coconut Oil.

Same with other VCO processors, we also encountered some problems on VCO, and we address this immediately to avoid repeating the same problem. Through continuous improvement, we solve the problem and now we applies Advanced Technology on PROPER PROCESSING, PROPER HANDLING, PROPER MACHINE TO BE USED, PROPER BOTTLING, PROPER TIGHT CAPPING & SEALING  to maintain the Integrity Of VCO. With this, we able to provide Top Quality Virgin Coconut Oil, as  well as Top Quality Coconut & Cacao Food Products. Currently, we are also a Consultant to other Existing & New Virgin Coconut Oil Processor where we are rendering services to them on how to provide Premium Quality Virgin Coconut Oil.  We recommend to our customer that we will do the bottling if possible. FOR GUIDE ON PROPER BOTTLING OR REFILLING OF VCO INTO GLASS & PLASTIC BOTTLE INCLUDING PROPER SEALING - Please contact us.

Recently, many Certified Organic and Conventional Virgin Coconut Oil in any types of process including; Expeller Process, Centrifuge Process & Fermented Process, was rejected, returned and discarded due to issue of product quality. The mentioned problems occur because of Lack on Processing Knowledge and Bad Manufacturing Practices. Those problems cause losses of money and gives miss-trust and bad reputation to a good company name that established for many years.  To avoid this, below are information and guide that must be strictly followed;