Enjoyable To Eat Without Guilt

CocoWonder Coconut & Cacao Food Products are Certified 100% Organic * 100% Natural * Vegan * Non-Dairy * Gluten Free * High Dietary Fiber * Low Glycemic Index * Cholesterol Free * Non-Soy * Non-MSG * Non-GMO * Non-Allergen * Non-Refined * Non-Alkalized. 

Eat Your Functional Food Like Medicine, Or Else You Will Eat Your Medicine Like Food

CocoWonder Products are primarily used for all type of diet  such as Keto Diet, Loss Weight Diet, Diabetic Diet, Paleo Diet, Ayurvedic Diet, Vegetarian Diet, Detox Diet, High Fiber Diet and among others. CocoWonder Coconut & Cacao Food Products are considered as Functional Food and Superfood because it has natural healing benefits beyond its high nutritional content. 

Experience The Real Taste Of Real Food

ANDY ALBAO CORPORATION is committed to provide Superior Quality Food Products with "Real Taste Of Real Food". Our products was developed and processed through Kitchen Method, instead of Laboratory Method, where we do not use adulterants, no artificial coloring, no artificial flavoring and no synthetic ingredients.

Not All Organic Are Created Equal

CocoWonder Products are at the Highest Organic Category which is Certified 100% Organic, because all of our Ingredients used are all Certified 100% Organic. With that, we are allowed and authorized to declare our products as "Certified 100% Organic" printed on the product label. While other products or brand with lower Organic Category are not allowed to use "100%", instead only "Organic" because their Ingredients are not all 100% Organic or Natural .