ANDY ALBAO CocoWonder COCONUT CHILI PEPPER SAUCE  is made of Philippine grown Wild Chili Pepper and added with Coconut Water and Coconut Vinegar. COCONUT CHILI PEPPER SAUCE is available in Classic, Tangy & Fiery which all purpose Chili Hot Sauce with widely application such as dipping sauce, marinades, good for cooking and among others. COCONUT CHILI PEPPER SAUCE was naturally processed and no artificial flavoring, no artificial coloring and no chemical additives which considered as the HEALTHIEST, PUREST, CLEANEST and SAFEST.  CocoWonder COCONUT CHILI PEPPER SAUCE is available in the following variance;

  • Classic - savory taste with medium hot
  • Tangy - savory taste, sour/tangy and medium hot
  • Fiery - savory taste with strong hot


  • Made Of Organic Ingredients 
  • Functional Food
  • Non-MSG & Non-MGO
  • No Artificial & Chemical Ingredients
  • Halal & Kosher Registered
  • Philippine FDA & US-FDA Registered 

SHELF LIFE: Guaranteed for18 months and tested for 24 months    

INGREDIENTS: Hot Chili, Sweet Young Coconut Water & Coconut Vinegar