PRODUCT DESCRIPTION - ANDY ALBAO Coconut Buko Cereal is Functional Food, Plain, High Fiber Content, Gluten Free and Non-GMO and the Healthiest Breakfast Cereal . Coconut Buko Cereal is made of Young Coconut Meat, Oven Baked and not Fried, crunchy, has delicious coco-nutty taste & aroma and not fibrous in compare of matured coconut. Coconut Buko Cereal is widely use as breakfast cereal, also very good to use as toppings for  salad, baked good, ice cream, smoothies and among others. Coconut Buko Cereal containing high dietary fiber, low in carbohydrates, high nutritional value with healing properties  which considered as Super Foods that "ENJOYABLE TO EAT WITHOUT A GUILT". Coconut Buko Chips Cereal is produce from new harvest Young Coconut Meat that process delicately to maintain its Premium Quality. Coconut Buko Cereal has 1 year shelf life stored in clean area at room temperature.

INGREDIENTS - Young Coconut Meat

PRODUCTION CAPACITY - 10 metric tons per month and can easily double. 


ADVANTAGES - Coconut Buko Cereal containing Natural Lauric Acid, MCT Oil and containing Dietary Fiber that helps prevent colon cancer. READ MORE