COCONUT CHOCOLATE JAM - with coconut nectar

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION - ANDY ALBAO COCONUT CHOCOLATE JAM (Coconutela) is Natural & Functional Food, Sugar Free, with Coconut Nectar and  has Low Glycemic Index. Coconut Chocolate Spread has exotic pure cacao chocolate taste, with coconut milky-creamy flavor and has gorgeous coconut nectar fruity sweetness. Coconut Chocolate Jam is containing Natural Lauric Acid and MCT Oil, high in nutritional value and with healing properties where considered as SUPERFOODS THAT ENJOYABLE TO EAT WITHOUT GUILT. Coconut Chocolate Jam is made of Coconut Milk, finely grind raw cacao paste and coconut nectar that process naturally and delicately to preserves its natural delicious taste.  This product  has 1 year to 1.5 years shelf life if stored at clean area at room temperature.  

INGREDIENTS - Coconut Milk, Fine Grind Cacao Paste and Coconut Nectar

USAGE - Coconut Chocolate Jam is widely use as sandwich spread, biscuit spread, filling for doughnut, bread roll and bun, use as topping on cakes, pastries, best to add to add on ice cream, smoothies and anything you want to turn into a sweet but healthy delights.  

COCONUT CHOCOLATE JAM  - is Diabetic Friendly, Good For The Heart, Good For Dieters, Good For Overweight  and Chosen By Health Conscious Consumers.

  • 100% Natural & Functional Food
  • Has Coconut Crramy & Chocolate Flavor
  • No Sugar Cane
  • Has Low Glycemic Index
  • Non Transfat
  • Has Natural Lauric Acid & MCT Oil    
  • Non GMO & Vegan
  • No Preservatives & Chemical Free   


1. STANDARD SIZE: 250ml, 500ml, 1 liter, 4 liters, 10 liters, 20 liters

2. STANDARD PACKAGING: Glass Jar and Plastic Pail 

HEALTH BENEFITS - Coconut Chocolate Spread has healing benefits beyond its nutritional contents and chosen by health conscious consumers. Pure Coconut Jam has Low Glycemic Index that can be used in moderation by diabetic’s person where it does not increase blood sugar level and used by dieters to avoid overweight or obesity and among others. Coconut Chocolate Spread containing Natural Cacao Butter, Natural Lauric Acid and Natural MCT Oil.  Cacao is good for the heart and has been used for treating anemia, mental fatigue, tuberculosis, gout, fever, and kidney stones; stimulating the nervous systems of weak patients and improving digestion and elimination.  

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DISADVANTAGES OF  NUTELLA & OTHER CHOCOLATE SPREAD OR JAM -  NUTELLA has many unhealthy ingredients like other Chocolate Spread or Jam that also containing unhealthy sweetener, transfat vegetable oil, transfat animals milk, artificial ingredients and among others.