ANDY ALBAO CocoWonder CHAMPORADO (Coconut, Cacao & Glutinous Rice Porridge) is 100% Natural, Functional Food and has Low Glycemic Index, Non-Dairy and Non-GMO which considered as FUNCTIONAL FOOD & SUPERFOOD. Our CHAMPORADO has delicious real chocolate taste of tablea/cacao paste with gorgeous sweetness of coconut nectar which is really delicious that "ENJOYABLE TO EAT WITHOUT GUILT". Our CHAMPORADO was produced naturally, No Artificial Coloring, No Artificial Flavoring and No Chemical during processing which considered as HEALTHIEST, PUREST, CLEANEST and SAFEST Champorado. Just add 2 - 3 liters of water to 250 grams (3 Serving) of CHAMPORADO and boiled for 20 minutes and you can have delicious and healthy food for breakfast, snack, lunch or dinner.

SHELF LIFE: 18 months stored at room temperature   

INGREDIENTS: Glutinous Rice, Coconut Nectar Sugar,  Cacao Powder High Fat