RODUCT DESCRIPTION - ANDY ALBAO CocoWonder COCONUT OIL MCT is a Distilled Virgin Coconut Oil  COCONUT MCT LAURIC OIL is always in liquid even in colder temperature, has water like transparent color with clear appearance and considered as the healthiest, purest, finest and safest Coconut Oil MCT available in the market.  CocoWonder COCONUT MCT OIL was produced from high quality Virgin Coconut Oil and process through our Patent Pending & State-Of-The-Art High Pressure Distillation Technology. COCONUT OIL MCT has 2 years shelf life if stored at room temperature away from moisture and direct sunlight.

Our COCONUT OIL MCT has the following types

1. STANDARD COCONUT OIL MCT - containing C6 (Capronic), C8 (Caprylic) & C10 (Capric) with lower price

2. PREMIUM COCONUT OIL MCT - containing C8 (Caprylic) & C10 (Capric) with higher price

USAGES - CocoWonder COCONUT MCT LAURIC OIL can be used in pharmaceutical, food and beverage applications, as well as carriers of flavors, colors and vitamins. It is also an energy supplement, digestive agent and anti-dust agent for seasonings, mixes and dry blends.