PRODUCT DESCRIPTION - ANDY ALBAO CocoWonder COCONUT MILK CHEESE is made of Freshly Extracted Pure Coconut Milk, 100% Organic, Non-Dairy or Vegan, Sugar Free, Cholesterol Free and Non-GMO. Coconut Milk Cheese has authentic & delicious strong coconut creamy-milky flavor and aroma, soft and spreadable and can be solid if refrigerated or frozen. Coconut Milk Cheese is produced from high quality matured coconut that naturally processed. NOTE: Coconut Milk Cheese is need to be refrigerated once opened.

SHELF LIFE: 12 months if stored at room temperature

USAGE - Coconut Milk Cheese has a wide range of applications such as bread spread, Coconut Cheese Cake Baking, other Cakes baking, Ice Cream, Smoothies, making creamy sauces, good for cooking and among others.

PRODUCTION CAPACITY - 2 X 20 FCL per month and can easily double.



CocoWonder Brand