PRODUCT DESCRIPTION - ANDY ALBAO  CocoWonder Coconut Milk Liquid is Sugar Free, Cholesterol Free, Vegan, Non-Dairy and Non-GMO. Our Coconut Milk is all purpose and has natural coconut taste and flavor and aroma with no off-taste & odor. Coconut Milk is made from freshly harvested matured coconut where coconut meat as grated and cold pressed to extract the coconut milk. Then Coconut Milk was added with water depending of required fat content by customer.  Coconut Milk has 1 year shelf life if stored at clean area at room temperature. Once opened, Coconut Milk can easily rancid within few hour and not advisable to stored the leftover even in freezer. Coconut Milk are available in different fat content as follows;  

a) 5 - 6% Fat - STANDARD

b) 10 - 12% Fat - SPECIAL

c) 16 - 18% Fat - PREMIUM

d) 20 - 22% Fat - CREAM

NOTE: Less fats means, higher water content, lesser taste and lesser cost. 

PACKAGING : 400ml in can and 20 liters in retortable ouch