ANDY ALBAO - CocoWonder Brand Coconut Milk Powder has rich in coconut milky-creamy taste with white to color and fine powder form that easy to dissolve in water, with no sour taste and off taste and odor that considered Superior Quality. Coconut Milk Powder containing its natural Lauric Acid and MCT Oil. Coconut Milk Powder is made from selected high quality matured coconut that delicately and immediately process to maintain it Premium Quality.

SELF LIFE: - Guaranteed for 12 Months but tested for 15 Months as maximum, stored in clean and dry place at cool ambient temperature of 15°C to 21°C

INGREDIENTS: Coconut Milk, Maltodextrin & Sodium Caseinate

USAGES: Coconut Milk Powder is excellent for dry applications, confectionery items and other applications where control of viscosity is critical. It is also used as a flavoring ingredient for ce cream, yogurt, bakery products, packed food sauces and beverages. For chefs and homemakers, it is an ideal ingredient for preparing curries, exotic flavored sauces and desserts. 

PRODUCTION CAPACITY:  100 Metric Tons per Month