PRODUCT DESCRIPTION - ANDY ALBAO CocoWonder Coconut Water is Raw & Fresh Coconut Water, Non-Heated, 100% Organic, Sugar Free, Low Glycemic Index and Non GMO. It has natural taste of flavor of raw & fresh coconut water, with no off taste and odor, no color changes which is considered PREMIUM QUALITY.  CocoWonder Coconut Water is produced from high quality and selected Sweet Coconut Variety and process naturally using State-Of-The-Art Filtration and Vacuum Packaging using Glass Bottle or Aluminum Pouch  with No Adulterants, Not from Concentrate, No Water Added, No  Artificial Coloring, No Artificial Flavoring and Chemical Free.

COCONUT WATER is Diabetic Friendly, Good For The Heart, Good For Dieters, Good For Overweight  and Chosen By Health Conscious Consumers.

- 100% Organic

- Sugar Free

- Non-GMO

- No Adulterants

- No Artificial Ingredients

- No Artificial Coloring

SHELF LIFE - 1 year shelf life if stored at clean area at room temperature. Shelf Life will be longer if stored in Chiller or Freezer.     

INGREDIENTS: Coconut Water

CAPACITY - 4 X 20fcl per month and can be expanded when required