Coconut Pita Bread Wrap

PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONANDY ALBAO CocoWonder Coconut Pita Bread Wrap is Functional Food, Gluten Free, High Dietary Fiber content. Our Coconut Pita Bread  
has authentic and tasty coconut flavor and aroma, has light yellowish to slight brown, flexible or pliable that and considered as PREMIUM QUALITY.  Coconut Pita Bread Wrap has low in Carbohydrates and high in Nutritional Value wiht healing properties that considered SUPERFOOD. Coconut Pita Bread Wrap is and produce from freshly harvested coconut then process delicately to maintains its Premium Quality. Coconut Pita Bread Wrap has 9 months shelf life from the date of production stored in clean area at room temperature and no need to refrigerate. 

INGREDIENTS - Coconut Meat & Sea Salt 

USAGESCoconut Pita Bread Wrap is All Purpose that use as Burrito Wrap, Shawarma Wrap, Taco Soft Shell or Coconut Dough Pizza and among others. 

CAPACITY - 20,000 pcs. per month and can easily double



CocoWonder Brand