PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:  ANDY ALBAO CocoWonder COCONUT NECTAR SUGAR is Functional Food, has Low Glycemic Index of 35 and All Purpose Sweetener. Our Coconut Nectar Sugar has authentic delicious sweetness and aromatic of distinct coconut, has consistent color, low in moisture with granular powder form and classified as PREMIUM QUALITYCoconut Nectar Sugar has high nutritional value content, with healing properties and considered as SUPERFOOD THAT ENJOYABLE TO EAT WITHOUT GUILT. Our Coconut Nectar Sugar is produced from newly harvested coconut nectar or sap from coconut flower that delicately process through Kitchen Method to obtain its good taste and quality. Our Coconut Nectar Sugar has 2 years shelf life stored in clean area at room temperature.

USAGES - Coconut Nectar Sugar is all purpose sweetener  

INGREDIENTS - Coconut Nectar 

PRODUCTION CAPACITY - 10 metric tons per month and can easily double  

NOTE: To avoid expensive tariff, this also called as Coconut Nectar Granules or Coconut Nectar Crystal


  • COCONUT SUGAR TO BE AVOIDED - Avoid Coconut Sugar with dark color, dirty looking, has bitter after taste, with sour taste & odor and has off-taste and odor READ MORE.. 
  • WHAT THEY SAY ABOUT HONEY? Honey is the same with White or Brown Sugar Cane and Corn Syrup containing high amount of Fructose and Glucose that contributes to increase blood sugar and become diabetics - READ MORE.