ANDY ALBAO CocoWonder Coconut Water Kombucha is Coconut Water Vinegar Juice, a delicious healthy dietary drinks, with full of nutrients equivalent to the combined Coconut Water & Coconut Cider Vinegar. Coconut Water Kombucha is Certified 100% Organic, No Sugar added, Non-GMO, Functional Food & Superfood,  Coconut Water Kombucha has very rich in coconut water taste, with delicious medium sourness and has light fruity sweetness and no off taste & odor. Coconut Water Kombucha is made of highly selected variety of sweet young coconut that partially fermented  along with coconut meat, filtered and lightly concentrated and bottled. 

SHELF LIFE:  Guaranteed 18 Months but tested for 24 Months 

INGREDIENTS: Young Coconut Water from sweet variety  

CAPACITY - 4 X 20fcl per month and can be expanded when required