ANDY ALBAO CocoWonder COCONUT CHOCOLATE DRINKS POWDER is Instant Hot Chocolate Dietary Drinks, Non-Dairy and has Low Glycemic Index, produced from Philippine Grown Cacao added with Coconut Nectar Sugar. Coconut Chocolate Drinks Powder has authentic taste of pure chocolate with delicious caramel sweetness of coconut nectar sugar, has no off taste and odor which considered as PREMIUM QUALITY. Coconut Chocolate Drinks Powder is very good as Hot Chocolate Drinks, used for smoothies, ice cream, chocolate milk tea and also used for baking of cakes, bread, pastries and among others. Coconut Chocolate Drinks Powder is Certified 100% Organic, Non-Dairy, Vegan, has Low Glycemic Index, Non-Alkalized, and Non-GMO that considered as SUPERFOOD & FUNCTIONAL FOOD. Coconut Chocolate Drinks Powder was processed naturally without adding Artificial Flavoring, No Artificial Coloring and No Chemical that considered as the HEALTHIEST, PUREST, CLEANEST and SAFEST Chocolate Drinks.    

SHELF LIFE: Guaranteed for 1.5 years, but tested for 2 years stored in clean and dry area at room temperature.

INGREDIENTS: Cacao and Coconut Nectar Sugar

MAXIMUM CAPACITY: 50 metric tons per month and can easily double