ANDY ALBAO CocoWonder WHITE COCONUT MEAL is Premium Quality Animal Feed, the best  fattening since its containing more or less 7% Coconut Fat, a by product when producing Expeller Virgin Coconut Oil, still food grade, use as raw materials for Coconut Flour. WHITE COCONUT MEAL has rich coconut taste with sweet aroma that become favorite food of Animal such as Hog, Chicken, Cow, Horse and among others. Our WHITE COCONUT MEAL was processed naturally without using any artificial ingredients or chemical additives which considered as HEALTHIEST, PUREST, CLEANEST and SAFEST.  

HEALTH BENEFITS:  WHITE COCONUT MEAL is containing about 7% Virgin Coconut Oil that boost immune system of animal and fight bacteria and viruses. It containing high dietary fiber that aid digestions and helps clean colon from parasites which considered as Functional Food and Natural Food Suplemen for Animals.  WHITE COCONUT MEAL is containing natural MCT Oil and Lauric Acid that boost immune system of animals. Coconut Meal is quality coconut feeds that contains <12% nonstructural carbohydrate (NSC) which makes this product well suited for feeding to all animals that are prone to ulcers, insulin resistance, colic and acidosis.


  • Non-Allergen
  • High Dietary Fiber Content
  • Vegan & Gluten Free
  • Sugar Free
  • Cholesterol Free
  • Low Carbohydrates
  • Non-GMO


  • Certified 100% Organic by US
  • Certified Organic by Europe
  • Certified Organic by Japan
  • HALAL Registered
  • KOSHER Registered
  • US-FDA Registered
  • Philippine FDA Registered

INGREDIENTS: Coconut meat, coconut water sauce or coconut aminos sauce.

SHELF LIFE: Guaranteed for 12 Months, but tested for 18 Months