PRODUCT DESCRIPTION - ANDY ALBAO Coconut Milk Concentrate is 100% Organic has strong and concentrated coconut creamy flavor and aroma with 70% fat, has medium viscosity and can easily dissolve in warm water. Coconut Milk Concentrate is produced from high quality matured coconut then naturally process. NOTE: Coconut Milk Concentrate is need to be refrigerated or frozen once opened.


ADVANTAGES OF COCONUT MILK CONCENTRATE - is more economical, more convenience to use and can provide instant coconut milk taste. It is very much less water than standard diluted coconut milk liquid, and no Caseinate & Maltodextrin like of Coconut Milk Powder     


DISADVANTAGE OF STANDARD & DILUTED COCONUT MILK – Most of you paid is only water. Standard Coconut Milk has different fat content categories, from about 6%, 12%, 18% & 22% and the missing percentage to be 100% is purely water, and it has very low taste. You need to use few cans of coconut milk and need to cook for 30 minutes to 1 hour before you can have a few tables spoon of delicious thick coconut cream.  


DISADVANTAGE OF COCONUT MILK POWDER - Added with Caseinate & Maltodextrin additives.   


SHELF LIFE: 12 months if stored at room temperature


USAGE - Coconut Milk Concentrate is all purpose that can be added with water to have a healthy Coconut Milk Drinks, use in making PINACOLADA, good for Ice Cream, Smoothies and the best for cooking and making creamy sauces. 


PRODUCTION CAPACITY - 2 X 20 FCL per month and can easily double.