PRODUCT DESCRIPTION - ANDY ALBAO Coconut Milk Concentrate has 70% Fat, 100% Organic, has strong coconut milky-creamy flavor, has thick texture and can easily dissolve in warm water. Coconut Milk Concentrate is produced from high quality matured coconut then extract the coconut milk and undergo naturally evaporation processed to remove most of the water until become thick cream. Coconut Milk Concentrate is more economical versus standard coconut milk with high water content because what you paid most is water, packaging and shipping cost.  

FOR COMMERCIAL USAGES: Just add water to make a standard coconut milk according to fat content required and can be repacked in Tetra Pack, Can & Pouches. Please contact us for proper procedure.

RESTAURANT & HOUSEHOLD USAGES: Coconut Milk Concentrate is all purpose and just add warm water if required and the best for cooking and making creamy sauces. Coconut Water Concentrate is also good to make a healthy Coconut Milk Drinks, use in making Juices and PINACOLADA, good for Ice Cream and Smoothies.

SHELF LIFE: 12 months if stored at room temperature

PACKAGING: Glass Jars in 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml & 20 liters in aluminum bag

DISADVANTAGE OF DILUTED & HIGH WATER CONTENT COCONUT MILK – Most of you paid is only water. Standard & Diluted Coconut Milk has different categories of fat content such as; 6%, 12%, 18% & 22% fat content with very low taste. And did you know that the missing percentage to be 100% Coconut Milk is mostly water that what you are buying for! In addition, you need to use few numbers of cans of diluted coconut milk to get the thick coconut cream you needed.