PRODUCT DESCRIPTION - ANDY ALBAO Coconut Virgin White Vinegar is 100% Natural & Functional Food, All Purpose and Unfiltered. Coconut Virgin  White Vinegar has authentic flavor of coconut nectar with natural sourness. Coconut Virgin White Vinegar is anti-oxidant, has 17 aminos acids with healing properties which considered SuperFood. Coconut Virgin White Vinegar is made of coconut nectar that delicately process through fully fermentation and obtain its natural sourness that considered Premium Quality. This products has 3 years shelf life and beyond if stored in clean area at room temperature.

USAGES - Coconut Virgin White Vinegar is good to drink, use as salad dressing, good for cooking, use as ingredients in making sauces and  use as dips  sauces.

INGREDIENTS: Coconut Nectar

PRODUCTION CAPACITY - 60,000 liters per month and can easily double.  


HEALTH BENEFITS OF NATURAL COCONUT VINEGAR  -  Coconut Nectar Virgin Vinegar is better than Apple Cider Vinegar CLICK HERE. Coconut Nectar Virgin Vinegar contribute to repair and rebuilding the muscle tissue, enhance brain and nervous system function, READ MORE


AVOID VINEGAR -  that seems very strong and not natural sourness especially itchy on your tongue and it is surely added with Artificial Acetic Acids as sour enhancer which is not good to our health.