ANDY ALBAO CocoWonder Unfiltered COCONUT VIRGIN VINEGAR is Certified 100% Organic, 100% Natural, believes to have live enzyme, Sugar Cane Free, No Artificial Synthetic Acid and Non-GMO which considered as SUPERFOOD & FUNCTIONAL FOOD. Coconut Virgin Vinegar has delicious sourness of coconut nectar sap, no off-taste & odor that Classified as PREMIUM QUALITY. Coconut Virgin Vinegar is use to drink, dip sauce, cooking and marinades. Coconut Virgin Vinegar is produced from high quality coconut nectar sap and process naturally through traditional full fermentation without Artificial Additives, No Artificial Ingredients and Chemical Free which considered as the HEALTHIEST, PUREST, CLEANEST and SAFEST Coconut Virgin Vinegar. 

SHELF LIFE - 3 years and beyond if stored at clean area at room temperature.   

INGREDIENTS - Coconut Nectar Sap  

Coconut Vinegar has full in Amino Acids and high in nutritional contents & values and believes to be converted into alkaline when inside the body which is considered healthy and safest kind of vinegar. 

VINEGAR TO BE AVOIDED -  that seems very strong and not natural sourness especially itchy on your tongue and it is surely added with Artificial Acetic Acids as sour enhancer which is not good to our health.