PRODUCT DESCRIPTION - ANDY ALBAO Coconut Spicy Vinegar is All Purpose and Unfiltered, 100% Natural and NON-GMO. Coconut Hot & Spicy Vinegar has authentic sourness with delicious taste of natural spices. Coconut Spicy Vinegar is produced from high quality coconut vinegar and added with spices such Garlic, Ginger, Pepper and Chili  . . and process naturally through traditional fermentation and pasteurization. 

SHELF LIFE - 3 years and beyond if stored at clean area at room temperature.  

USAGE -  Coconut Spicy Vinegar is widely use as dip sauce, food dressing, good for cooking and you can take 1-2 table spoon per meal as food supplement . In Philippines, Coconut Vinegar is traditionally use to drink when you have cold of flu.  

MAXIMUM CAPACITY: 60,000 liters per month and can easily double. 


ADVANTAGE - Coconut Spicy Vinegar is better than Apple Cider Vinegar CLICK HERE. Coconut Hot & Spicy Vinegar contribute to repair and rebuilding the muscle tissue, enhance brain and nervous system function, READ MORE  


Do not use vinegars that seems very strong sourness or has not natural taste & sourness, including slight to strong itchy on your tongue. It maybe artificial vinegar that made Artificial Acetic Acid that diluted with water, or other kind of vinegars added with Artificial Acetic Acid as sour enhancer which not good to our health.  Other vinegars claimed to be made of coconut water, sugar cane, apple cider vinegar and among others that has lower sourness where most of them is also added with acetic acid to enhance sourness.