ANDY ALBAO CocoWonder COCONUT WATER SYRUP has light viscous with 75 brix, All Purpose Sweetener & Coconut Flavoring, Functional Food & Superfood, Low Glycemic Index and Non-GMO. Coconut Water Syrup has rich in Coconut Water Taste with Fruity Sweetness of Coconut Nectar Sap and has yellow to light orange color. Coconut Water Syrup is very good sweetener, flavoring, syrup for preserved fruits, good for cooking, baking, ice cream, juices & among others. Coconut Water Syrup is made of sweet young coconut water and added with sweet coconut nectar sap and processed through evaporation and until become syrup.

SHELF LIFE: Guaranteed for 18 months but tested for 24 months.  

INGREDIENTS: Young Coconut Water & Coconut Nectar Sap

PRODUCTION CAPACITY - 20 metric tons per month and can easily double