RAW COCONUT CHIPS - not crispy


PRODUCT DESCRIPTION - ANDY ALBAO CocoWonder  Raw Coconut Chips is not crispy,  has High Dietary Fiber content, Gluten Free and Functional Food. Our Raw Coconut Chips has medium cut size, has distinct coconut taste & aroma, with cream color to slight yellowish, plain and classified SUPERIOR QUALITY. Raw Coconut Chips can be toasted to become crispy snack food or cereal, good as toppings for salad, cake and baked goods. Raw Coconut Chips containing high dietary fiber of about 50%, low Carbohydrates, high nutritional value with healing properties which considered SUPERFOODS that "ENJOYABLE TO EAT WITHOUT A GUILT". Raw Coconut Chips is produce from matured coconut meat and delicately process to obtain its Premium Quality. This products has 1 year shelf life stored in clean area at room temperature.

INGREDIENTS - Matured Coconut Meat  

PRODUCTION CAPACITY -  10 metric tons per month and can easily double



CocoWonder Brand