RAW COCONUT CHIPS - not crispy

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION - ANDY ALBAO CocoWonder  RAW COCONUT CHIPS is pliable, not crispy,  plain, high dietary fiber and Non-GMO. Our Raw Coconut Chips has medium cut size, has natural coco-nutty taste & aroma, with cream color to slight yellowish, has no off-taste & odor which classified PREMIUM QUALITY. Raw Coconut Chips was used in baking and can be toasted to become crispy snack food or cereal and vegetable topping. Our Raw Coconut Chips is produce from matured coconut meat and process naturally through oven drying. 

SHELF LIFE - Guaranteed for 12 Months, but tested for 15 Months as maximum, when stored in clean and dry area at room temperature.

PRODUCTION CAPACITY -  20 metric tons per month and can easily double