MCT LAURIC COCONUT OIL - Immune System & Energy Booster

ANDY ALBAO CocoWonder MCT LAURIC COCONUT OIL  was produced from our finest virgin coconut oil through natural distillation process and solidify at low temperature because of high LAURIC content. MCT Lauric Coconut Oil  has colorless, odorless & tasteless, no off-taste & odor and has clear like distilled water appearance that Classified as SUPERIOR QUALITY. MCT Lauric Coconut Oil has Double Booster Health Benefits because of its high content of about 50% Lauric–C12 and 50% Caprylic-C8, wherein Lauric believes to be an immune system booster and anti-viral that helps fight bacteria and viruses, while Caprylic believes to be an energy booster. CocoWonder MCT Lauric Coconut Oil is Certified 100% Organic, Non-Transfat, Cholesterol Free, Non-GMO that considered as SUPERFOOD and FUNCTIONAL FOOD. Our MCT Lauric Coconut Oil was primary used as Food Supplement, Functional Ingredients for any other Food Supplement, added to Healthy Food, used in Salad Dressing, Baking and Cooking. It is also used as Functional Ingredients in Cosmetics and Personal Care Products such as Face Lotion, Body Lotions, Moisturizer, Hair conditioner and Shampoo.  

SHELF LIFE: Guaranteed for 2 Years, but tested for 2.5 years as maximum, and stored in clean and dry area at room temperature.

INGREDIENT/S: Coconut Oil from fresh dried coconut meat