PURE COCONUT JAM - Low Glycemic Index

ANDY ALBAO CocoWonder 100% Certified Organic PURE COCONUT JAM is sweetened with Coconut Nectar Sugar, has Low Glycemic Index, Non-Dairy, Vegan, Cholesterol Free, Non GMO, Functional Food and Superfood which considered as The Healthiest Bread Spread. Our Pure Coconut Jam has authentic taste and very rich in Coconut Milk/Creamy flavor with delicious coconut nectar sugar caramel sweetness, with no off taste and odor which considered as PREMIUM QUALITYPure Coconut Jam is widely use as sandwich spread, biscuit spread, filling for doughnut, bread roll and bun, use as topping on cakes, pastries, best to add to add on ice cream, smoothies and anything you want to turn into a sweet but healthy delights. Our Pure Coconut Jam is processed through slow cooking kitchen method. Pure Coconut Jam will last for 10 days upon open, otherwise refrigerate it to prolong up to 2 months. 


SHELF LIFE: Guaranteed for 15 Months, but tested for 18 Months as maximum, when stored in clean and dry area at room temperature. 


INGREDIENTS: Coconut Milk. Coconut Water  & Coconut Nectar Sap 

CAPACITY - 2 X 20 fcl per month and can be expanded when required