ANDY ALBAO CocoWonder RAW VIRGIN COCONUT OIL is cold pressed centrifuged, has raw coconutty taste and odor, has very clear like water appearance, has very low moisture of 0.04 - 0.02% non-refined, non-GMO and classified PREMIUM QUALITY. Our Raw Virgin Coconut Oil is the purest, cleanest & safest type because it has no sediments settling at the bottom, no fermented rancidity and no toasted roasted taste & odor. Our Raw Virgin Coconut Oil has 2 years guarantee shelf life, but tested for 3 years. Need to stored in clean and dry area at room temperature.

CocoWonder Raw Virgin Coconut Oil is produced from high quality matured coconut and process within 8 - 10 hours up to bottling to avoid product deterioration and maintain its  Raw good taste. Our Raw Virgin Coconut Oil was processed by cold pressed the fresh coconut meat to extract the liquid coconut milk. The coconut milk was put into Centrifuged Machine to separate the virgin coconut oil. Our centrifuged machine has built-in multiple cooling system to avoid friction heat and preventing virgin coconut oil from heat.      

Our Glass Jar Capping Technique  - is very tight and leak free which can resist during transportation & Handling where the VCO in a Jar will arrived to your warehouse leak free!  


MAXIMUM CAPACITY - 180,000 liters per month and can easily double

Not all Centrifuged Virgin Coconut Oil are created equal - Many producer of centrifuge  virgin coconut oil are only using Tubular Centrifuge, instead of Disc Centrifuge Machine. Tubular Centrifuged Machine needs longer processing where virgin coconut oil quality deteriorates with rancidity and watery taste.    


For many years of Experience and Extensive Research & Development, ANDY ALBAO CocoWonder was able to developed STATE-OF-THE-ART Processing Technology to provide High Quality Virgin Coconut Oil. This also includes TECHNOLOGY ON PROPER TIGHTENING OF METAL CAP IN GLASS JARS that enable us to meet ZERO LEAK from our facility, during handling, shipping, transportation, arrival on the port of destination, up to storage on the supermarkets, until the products was bought by consumers and up to brought the product to their houses. We used to make very tight sealing of cap to avoid leaking problem. If found difficulties to open the Jars, please CLICK HERE  

In the past few years until now, many Virgin Coconut Oil was shipped back to its country of origin specially to all coconut producing countries in the region. Some countries applies immediate preventive actions, while others are not.  We also noticed that some National Standard from VCO producing countries are not reliable at all. Many fermented, centrifuge and expeller VCO from small and big processor was returned back due to RANCIDITY, SHORT SHELF LIFE, SEDIMENTS, MOLDS & DISCOLORATION.

In connection with this, Virgin Coconut Oil Producers Association (VCOP), Philippine Department Of Trade & Industries (DTI) & Philippine Coconut Authorities (PCA) are now implementing measures where VCO Processors must undergo random   LABORATORY TEST & ORGANOLEPTIC TEST of their produce VCO.   

Our advice was, before shipping the Virgin Coconut Oil, Customers Must Requires First to Supplier to do Laboratory Test from Reliable Third Party Laboratory & Not From Suppliers Owned Laboratories. Its also advisable to repeat the Laboratory test at the Destination if necessary, unless the customer already established the trust to the supplier. You can ask the CUSTOMS at port of Destination to get sample for laboratory test before getting the shipment. Its less cost and time of sending back to the origin if the VCO cannot pass the Laboratory test.   



  • Must Has Established Shelf Life - The VCO must has minimum shelf-life of 2 Years and above. Ask for laboratory test from 3rd Parties and not from suppliers own laboratory. it is very important that you purchase VCO from reliable supplier. PLEASE SEE OUR ESTABLISHED SHELF LIFE FAR BELOW!   
  • Moisture Content Must Not Above 0.06% - Require laboratory test per every shipment. This is the assurance that the Virgin Coconut Oil will last for 2 years shelf life. Higher moisture content will shorten the shelf life of 6 months, while lower moisture up to 0.01% will having longer shelf life of 3 years. Moisture is the cause of rancidity of the VCO where the taste and smell becomes sour or unpleasant. Moisture is also the cause of high Free Fatty Acid (FFA) content of VCO         
  • Free Fatty Acid (FFA) Must Not Above 0.5% - Require laboratory test per every shipment. VCO with high in Free Fatty Acid of above 0.5% can be itchy in the throat when you drink or eat. That means the VCO composition changes to become high in fatty acid and become corrosive which is dangerous to the health.    
  • Peroxide Value Must Not Above 1 meq/kg. - Must requires laboratory test per every order. VCO that high in Peroxide value of above 1 meq/kg. means that, VCO are expose to air for a long time that oxidize, stored in not hygiene condition and already contaminated that has off taste and odor, or a combination of watery taste with slight sourness taste & odor.  High in Peroxide Value is the result of combination of High Moisture Content, Oxidation and Contaminants.      
  • Heavy Metals Of Iron Must Not Above 3mg/kg. - Must requires every 3rd order as random check.  VCO with heavy metals contaminants of above 3mg/kg. are indication that that the processor did not use Stainless Steel Machines or appropriate food grade machines. Machines for food must be made of stainless steel including its utensil or tools that touch the VCO or products. Using Non-Stainless Steel machine can contaminate food with RUST of high content that dangerous to the health.   
  • Others - Salmonella, E. Coli Bacteria, Coliform, Aerobic Plate Counts, Molds & Yeast when necessary.



High Qualiy VCO is very much clear like purified water, with Fresh & Delicious Coco-Nutty flavor and sweet aroma.  

  • Avoid VCO with traces of smoke odor - because it is process like dirty smoked copra and its high in carcinogen chemicals.
  • Avoid VCO with traces of burnt or Toasted Taste - because it is processed under high Temperature
  • Avoid VCO with yellowish color - It is surely not cold pressed, or it might undergo heating or heat treatment, or maybe mixed with RBD Cooking Oil, Palm oil or other kind of oils.
  • Avoid VCO with traces of Sour taste & smell - because its rancid already.
  • Avoid VCO when you felt itchy on your throat. - Its high in Fatty Acid and already corrosive which is dangerous and can damage your, throat, Stomach & Intestine.        
  • Avoid VCO with very fine white sediments accumulated and shown on the bottom part of the jar/packaging - If sediment is not yet shown, just refrigerate the glass jar of VCO until solidify, then dip the jar into hot water or place the jar in the warm area and let it liquefy then check if there are sediments accumulated on the bottom part of glass jar. The sediment is the cause of molds and changes the color into yellowish until become dark green with in few months depending of moisture content.    
  • Avoid VCO with color such as slight brown, orange, green color that shown on the bottom - because they are sediments, molds & bacteria.
  • Only buy VCO that packed in clear transparent packaging - so that you can see if VCO has problem inside, sediments, molds, yellowish and discoloration.   
  • Avoid VCO where metal cap is very easy to open - because metal cap is surely loosen during handling, transportation and shipping. When cap was loosen, then Moisture and contaminants can enter inside the jar and the VCO will be rancid or rotten, develop molds & bacteria within 3-6 months.     
  • Do not buy or use VCO that are not solidify when refrigerate - because it is not Coconut Oil, or if its MCT Oil then it is Chemically Modified. 
  • Do not buy or use VCO that does not liquefy at ambient temperature - because its maybe not coconut oil, or if its Hydrogenated Coconut Oil then its chemically modified and transfat.    
  • Avoid and don't buy VCO if you suspected not okay, does not look good and if smell or taste does not good also.