Bad Cacao Products

Bad Cacao Beans are those old stock with light green color, rotten, has lot of molds & bacterial, has rancid taste & high in acidity, that practically this Bad Cacao Beans is considered WASTE already. However, to make it  usable, it needs to be refined or alkalized and adding alkalizing agent like potassium carbonate during pressing where it helps to lessen the bad taste, rancidity and off taste & odor of Cacao Powder and cacao Butter. Sometimes, then they added with Artificial Coloring & Flavoring to become like natural chocolate again.  

1. DISADVANTAGES OF ALKALIZED OR REFINED CACAO OR COCOA - It has less 70-80% Nutritional Value & Health Benefits - READ MORE 

2. Modern milk chocolate bars and candies are usually made from cocoa powder mixed with refined sugar, hydrogenated vegetable oils instead of cocoa butter, some milk products, and various other ingredients and preservatives. READ MORE

3. CHOCOLATE COMPOUND IS DANGEROUS TO OUR HEALTH  - Its better to use the Natural Cacao Paste instead of Chocolate Compound. Chocolate Compound  is made of 90% unhealthy ingredients mixed of Sugar with trans-fat & hydrogenated oils and not cacao butter or oil - READ MORE