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Coconut & Cacao Food Product From Our Farm To Your Table

Andy Albao Corporation is an integrated manufacturer and exporter of coconut and cacao based food products which classified as Healthy & Functional Food because of it's Natural Healing Benefits. We utilizes sustainable organic farming by avoiding in using chemical fertilizer and pesticide and preventing cutting of coconut & cacao trees. We also continuously planting and partnering with other farmers to secure a year-round harvest of raw materials with significant volume and buffer supply.

Our farm, processing facilities and products was checked and Certified as 100% Organic by USDA-NOP (United States), EU (Europe) & JAS (Japanese). Also Inspected and registered by the US-FDA, Philippine FDA, HALAL, KOSHER, Philippine Coconut Authority and among others. We have our own research & development and processing & manufacturing facilities which are GMP and HACCP compliant.

Enjoyable To Eat Without Guilt

CocoWonder Coconut & Cacao Food Products are Certified 100% Organic * 100% Natural * Vegan * Non-Dairy * Gluten Free * High Dietary Fiber * Low Glycemic Index * Cholesterol Free * Non-Soy * Non-MSG * Non-GMO * Non-Allergen * Non-Refined * Non-Alkalized. 

Healthy & Functional Food

Coconut & Cacao Food Products are Classified as Healthy & Functional Food because of its healing benefits beyond its high nutritional content. They are used for all type of Diet Regimen including but not limited to Keto Diet, Loss Weight Diet, Diabetic Diet, Paleo Diet, Ayurvedic Diet, Vegetarian Diet, Detox Diet, High Fiber Diet and among others! "Eat Natural Food, Super Food  & Functional Food Like Your Medicine, Or Else You Will Eat Your Synthetic Medicine Like Food"!

Product Award & Recognition.

CocoWonder Brand got PRODUCT AWARD & RECOGNITION on several occasions during Product Exhibition & Food Conference for being "Best Taste for our Extra Virgin Coconut Oil" and "Best Healthy Alternative Products for our Coconut Aminos Sauce" 

Company Memberships, Registrations, Certifications Local & International.

INTERNATIONAL REGISTRATIONS & CERTIFICATIONS: United States Food & Drug Administration (US-FDA) * USDA-NOP Certified Organic * EU Certified Organic * JAS Certified Organic * KOSHER Registration * HALAL Registration

NATIONAL/PHILIPPINES REGISTRATIONS & CERTIFICATIONS: Philippine Food & Drug Administration (BFAD) * Philippine Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) * Philippine Bureau of Customs (CUSTOM) * Philippine Coconut Authority (PCA) * Philippine Bureau Of Internal Revenue (BIR) * Makati City Business Permit * Philippine Exporters Confederation, Inc  (PHILEXPORT) * United Coconut Association of The Philippines (UCAP) * Virgin Coconut Oil Producers of The Philippines (VCOP).


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