ANDY ALBAO CocoWonder Certified 100% Organic RAW CACAO NIBS is produced from high quality cacao beans and processed through low temperature oven drying.  Our Raw Cacao Nibs is ready eat like other nuts as healthy snack food, has rich in Pure Cacao taste & odor and with medium bitter taste, no off-taste and odor, no rancidity and no acidity that classified as Premium Quality. CocoWonder Raw Cacao Nibs is also very good to use as toppings for vegetable salad and fruit salad, mixes with Ice Cream, Smoothies, breakfast cereal, mixed nuts and very good for baking of cookies, muffins and among others. CocoWonder Raw Cacao Nibs was made from newly harvest Philippine grown Cacao Beans and naturally processed without using additives and no chemicals that considered as the HELATHIES, PURIST, CLEANEST and SAFETS Raw Cacao Nibs avavilable in the market. 

SHELF LIFE:  Guaranteed for 18 months, but tested for 24 months  stored at room temperature 

INGREDIENTS: Philippine Grown Cacao Beans


HEALTH BENEFITS -  Raw Cacao Nibs is considered functional food where it has healing benefits beyond its nutritional contents and the choice by health conscious consumers. Raw Cacao Nibs is very good to use by diabetic’s person and good for dieters who avoid overweight. In addition, cacao is used for medicinal on treating anemia, mental fatigue, stimulating the nervous systems of weak patients and improving digestion that keeping the gastrointestinal tract healthy. Visit; http://www.livestrong.com/article/330290-health-benefits-of-cacao-beans/